6В01507 Chemistry

6В01507 Chemistry

6В01 Pedagogical sciences

6В015 Teacher training in natural science subjects


The purpose of the educational program:

Preparation of bachelors who possess modern pedagogical technologies and achievements of chemical science, possess leadership qualities, are able to carry out the educational process taking into account individual interests and characteristics of students.

List of qualifications and positions - The graduate is awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Education in the educational program "Chemistry".

Bachelors of education may hold positions in accordance with the Standard qualification characteristics of the positions of teaching staff and persons equated to them (with amendments and additions as of 31.10.2018)

Subject of professional activity:

chemistry in the educational process, science and production, educational process in educational institutions and organizations of general secondary education, vocational education, secondary special education, extracurricular educational institutions and organizations of additional education and upbringing.

Types of professional activity:

Bachelors of education under the educational program 6B015 "Chemistry" can perform the following types of professional activities:

1) educational;

2) experimental research;

3) organizational and managerial;

4) socio-pedagogical;

5) educational and pedagogical;

6) educational and technological.

Typical tasks of professional activity

in the field of educational activity:

  • teaching and development of students, organization of the learning and upbringing process, design and management of the pedagogical process, diagnostics, correction, forecasting of the results of pedagogical activity;
  • conducting classes in schools, technical and vocational educational institutions;
  • implementation of methodological knowledge and applied skills in a specific situation.

in the field of educational activities:

  • implementation of educational work in accordance with the laws, laws, principles, educational mechanisms of the pedagogical process;
  • planning of extracurricular educational work;
  • solving specific educational tasks;
  • selection and use of various forms and methods of education and training of schoolchildren in extracurricular work on the Russian language and literature;
  • establishing relationships with the team of students, teachers working in this class, with parents.

in the field of educational and technological activities:

  • to use of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process;
  • participation in the organization of the process of searching and processing humanitarian information using information and communication tools and technologies.

in the field of social and pedagogical activity:

  • creating favorable conditions and providing pedagogical support for the full-fledged life, education and development of students.

in the field of experimental research:

  • study of scientific and methodological literature;
  • study and generalization of advanced pedagogical experience in teaching Russian language and literature;
  • conducting pedagogical experiments with the implementation of their results in the educational process.

in the field of organizational and managerial activities:   

  • planning the content of the chemistry course at different levels of education;
  • determination of ways of organizing and conducting the educational process.