Open lesson

On March 27, 2024, within the frame of methodological month on the theme "Application and priority areas of modern educational technologies for students in natural sciences at the university", an demonstration laboratory lesson was held by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor B.S.Alzhanova on the topic "Determination of dust pollution in the spring and autumn season" for 3rd year students EP "Ecology" in the discipline "Environmental Monitoring".

The purpose of the lesson: to introduce students with the most accessible methods of assessing the ecological state of the environment, to form an idea of dust pollution among students, to determine the amount of dust on sheet plates based on laboratory analysis and to estimate the ecological state of the environment.

The laboratory work is based on the determination of the dust content of the air using the gravimetric method.

The lesson was held in the form of changing work areas: 1) theoretical; 2) analysis according to method I; 3) analysis according to method II; 4) analysis according to method III; 5) desk processing of analysis results; 6) consultation area; 7) control area.

The students were divided into three groups using the «Spinner Wheel» service. Each group reported on the progress of the work, conducted research using the appropriate methodology and analyzed the results obtained.

Based on the results of the analysis, the results of the lesson were summarized, the main directions for reducing dust pollution of the environment were proposed.