Faculty of Natural Geography

Faculty Management

Turgumbayev Akhan Askarovich
Dean: master of economic Sciences, senior lecturer
Kiisheva Dinara Zhaydarmanovna
Deputy Dean for Educational and Methodological Work
Udreeva Kamshat Salakhaddinova
Deputy Dean for educational work: senior lecturer, master

Mission: to act in accordance with the needs of society and the state of the culture of an individual, the natural sciences, the intellectual and material resources.

Purpose: students with high quality education, training and implementation of the development.

The main areas of activity:

Physical and mathematical competence-oriented bachelors and masters in the field of training,

The use of innovative learning and teaching methods;

·Participation in the work of graduate students and research students;

·Improvements in the organization and activities of the branches of the department of vocational guidance;

The implementation of policy in the field of environmental and quality management.

Before the 2012-2013 academic year, the faculty was separated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Multilingual education in the faculty on the basis of experimental training program was begun. At the same time, "Mathematics" and "Physics" Otto von Guericke specialties (Germany), Great Kazemi (Poland) created a training program in conjunction with the universities. Training is carried out under this program. Continue to work on academic mobility of students and the faculty.

At the moment, that meets the requirements of modern computer science and computer engineering, applied physics laboratory equipped in the educational process. Professor of physics and mathematics faculty: AE Kuzmicheva, senior: JS Tired, AE Zhumagaliyeva, VS GK Mwldagalïev Jwswpkalïeva, associate professor of computer science GM Mïnïws, AB Medeşova as well as scientists.

Teachers teach and students are constantly trying to improve their knowledge. Students take an active part in the social life of the university. In particular, the "green" construction and is a member of the troop activity. Dean of students will take part in the organization of educational and sports events. Every year students of the Faculty of "enrollment", "competition for the best student-teacher", "Student Spring", participate in sports and sports events, such as the university, will be able to win prizes.

Baev VA Kuspanova UK graduates of the faculty, Kwrmanalïna Sh.Kh. ES M.Kataev with, Mynbaeva AA Protasov, V., Şapkenov SJ not only to veterans of the Great Patriotic War veterans Gabdullin RN, Nazirov T. Twmpwrov Yu.F. Stavkïn O.N Abdwlmanov RN, Tlewgalïev SH, NS Baygwzov Ïşanbekova G .N. Twlejanov KA, Djwmaxmetov K.J, etc. can be proud of.

Their employers for the employment of graduates and faculty practice will be in contact with the base. The number of faculty employers include: Kwsmwrzïeva Elmira Marsovna Naumov Aleksey Viktorovich, Çerıkaev Leonid G., Protasov Viktor A. Kwrmanalïna Şalxıma SN Xayrwllaevna Safwllïn.

The faculty and alumni of cooperation to further the purpose of the alumni association was established. The purpose of the Association of the faculty and students in order to prepare a new generation of specialists to establish a close relationship. Some employers and members of the Association Some of the parents is a member of the faculty. Various formats alumni association meetings and participate in Doors Open Days and practical base, employment of graduates, events, etc. the provision of assistance to those ready to closely cooperate with the departments of the graduates that they have learned as a factor in employment: professional advancement, labor market information, as well as the need to use personal contacts

The department uses different forms of the educational process maşıqkerler: tolıqkölemdi öndristik and practical training, workshops, tours and meetings with specialists employers.

Scientific research departments:

And foreign universities (Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Saratov, Orenburg);

· Universities and abroad (Germany, Poland, Turkey, the United States) is being developed.

Reports of the teachers in the department, are published in journals and conferences, publications and research.

Faculty address: Student 1

Phone: 50-94-44